Technology Moves and Relocations

Relocation can be both a daunting task and an opportunity to totally overhaul a company's communication network. At Technology on Premises, we understand that clients’ ability to do business on a daily basis almost always depends entirely on the performance of their IT networks and phone systems. This makes it all the more important to get the details of a relocation right the first time around.

Planning and implementing a seamless transition to new offices requires the effective coordination of many tasks and vendors. Among these tasks, the correct and on-time installation of phone and internet connections can prove a challenge, and mistakes can make an already costly process even more expensive. The Technology on Premises team appreciates that you need to be able to maintain the quality of your daily operations in the run-up to your relocation, and that when your move takes place you need to be back to normal business as quickly as possible.

Small and medium sized businesses can suffer lost revenues from even one day of downtime, and so we place added importance on ensuring that no detail is overlooked. The direct result of poor coordination is an unorganized, undocumented mess, that is difficult to manage in the future - with Technology on Premises on your side, you can count on us ensuring that is avoided.

Technology on Premises’s relocation management services grew out of our focus on communication technologies. In our role as IT network planners, builders and managers, we take the relocation of a communications network very seriously. The process begins by gaining an in-depth understanding of your short and long-term goals and the ways in which you use technology to conduct business. Our specialists then use this knowledge to align each piece of technology with a plan that best fits your schedule, budget and overall requirements.

The Technology on Premises focus is on four primary areas to ensure you can effectively communicate in your new offices:

We tackle this first because implementation requires the greatest lead time. The process begins with an assessment of current use at your existing location; we then research the telecommunications circuit options available at your new location and, working with you, we select the circuits most appropriate to your business.

Finally, we use the time before your move to double check that the most appropriate and cost effective solutions have been selected, and to close manage and coordinate with vendors to ensure successful and on-time delivery.

The expansion of a business’s offices and the build-out of a new space can be a very challenging process; there are many moving pieces to these complex projects, and it is imperative that the planning considers the effective long-term support of your new premises using the most cost effective solutions possible.

At Technology on Premises, we work with our customers to plan and provide the most efficient and scalable cable infrastructure possible. This includes ensuring that all of your office's computers, phones, fax machines, printers, network copiers and communications circuits are integrated properly in a central voice and data 'wall field' to deliver connectivity and to allow for additional adds, moves and changes to be executed with ease in the future. We also pay close attention to ensuring the appropriate ventilation and security of your new premises.

The team at Technology on Premises uses our considerable voice and data network design experience to assist you with the planning and build-out of your cable infrastructure. As a result, you benefit from working with a team that is dedicated to formulating a solution that is functional, scalable and cost effective.

The ability to pick up the phone and reliably communicate with staff, customers and suppliers is imperative to being able to run a modern business. But with the convergence of VoIP technology, it can be difficult to know which products and services are the best fit in practice. With no absolute allegiance to any one telephony hardware manufacturer, Technology on Premises takes a vendor-agnostic, consultative approach to identifying the telephone solution that will provide the most effective functionality and scalability for your business.

For customers keeping their current service, we work with the existing phone vendor to schedule and budget the relocation of the phone switch. For those customers moving to newer phone systems, we help them evaluate which telephony systems will work best for them.

The Technology on Premises team offers comprehensive support in carrying out documentation, backup and planning for the upcoming move of your IT network. Our services include dismantling and reconfiguring the network, including all devices and software in the existing space and those required in the new environment. You can rely on us tending to every detail, and ensuring that your new network is fully functional, before we consider the job done.
At Technology on Premises, we recognize that relocating an office is a complex and constantly changing process. Timelines and budgets must be monitored daily, vendors and contractors must be managed and held accountable, internal staff must be advised on their responsibilities, and documentation for the new space must be created to effectively fix and manage these technologies when necessary in the future.

Our clients are often relieved to find that we can take care of these tasks too. In addition, we frequently take on the responsibilities of selecting and coordinating the efforts of the physical moving company, reserving freight elevator access, determining power and air requirements, and even coordinating communication between the architect, realtor and contractor. Whatever you need us to do to relieve the pressure of your relocation, you can rest assured we’ll do it.

Trust Technology on Premises to make your relocation go like a breeze.