Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

For most small and medium sized businesses, the expense of an IT infrastructure is hard to justify. Trying to maintain your business's computer hardware in-house requires major financial resources - and since hardware requires continuous upgrades and quickly depreciates, the costs continue.

Technology on Premises offers a better solution for its clients: Hardware as a Service (HaaS) provides you with a complete IT hardware solution in one easy, monthly billed plan.

HaaS solutions by Technology on Premises can provide you with:

  • Popular software applications and operating systems
  • Pre-established monthly bills, with no headaches or surprises
  • Guaranteed performance, as well as tech support available 24/7
  • Systems that scale and grow with you as your needs change
  • Improved workplace productivity through superior hardware

For any business to succeed today business computer hardware is crucial, but it's also expensive, and requires constant maintenance and costly upgrades. Traditionally this has been a significant disadvantage for small businesses, but with Technology on Premises’s HaaS solutions, you can utilize the latest technology and keep up with your better funded competitors’ computer hardware without breaking the bank.

Without the distractions and hassles of dealing with your computer hardware on your own, you can concentrate your efforts on growing your business and getting new prospects and sales. What’s more, productivity will rise as your employees benefit from having access to the latest technology. Of course, we also throw in all the support you need, just a phone call away.

Reap the benefits of cutting-edge hardware solutions without having to pay the price.