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Thanks to desktop computers, mobile or tablet devices and office phones, the demands placed on your time by IT and telecommunications devices can quickly add up. And if you’re anything like the average business owner, this is time you simply don’t have - you need to be focusing on growing your company, not constantly fixing technology. That’s where the team of experts at Technology on Premises comes in.

Our proactive approach to IT management relieves you of your technology woes. No matter which systems and devices your staff use, or even where they are located, we provide day-to-day support that prevents problems from cropping up, and quickly resolves any issues that do slip through the cracks. Our proven methodologies ensure our clients experience less downtime and enjoy greater productivity and in turn greater success. Best of all, we do all of this for a flat monthly fee - so your bank balance benefits too.

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Managed Services - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

Managed Services

Gone are the days of waiting hours for an IT technician and then paying for the privilege when your systems go down. Get flat-fee proactive management to track down and fix problems before they arise.

IT Support - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

IT Support

Your business is unique, and therefore your technology requirements are too. Technology on Premises’s comprehensive IT Support services ensure you have the tools ready to help you get the job done.

IT Consulting - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

IT Consulting

With 15 years of experience across a range of industry verticals, our team is uniquely placed to help you identify opportunities to better use technology to achieve your long-term business objectives.

On Demand Support - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

On Demand Support

Whether it’s lunchtime or 1am, when you need IT support our technicians are available for you around the clock - 24/7. With our speedy, dependable tech help, you’re back up and running in no time.

Anti-spam, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

Anti-spam, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

Because it isn’t typically protected by firewalls or security apps, email gives hackers and viruses a golden opportunity to infiltrate your network. Gain added protection with this comprehensive security package.

Cloud and Hosted Solutions - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

Cloud and Hosted Solutions

Free up time to focus on your business without the stress or hassle of technology distractions. We manage your entire IT infrastructure, so you can spend that time generating leads and sales, and growing your company.

Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery - Manhattan, Westchester, New York

Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery

SMBs lose millions of dollars every year due to data loss from water damage, fires, power outages and more. Don’t become another number: stay protected with our Backup, Storage and Disaster Recovery solutions.

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We consider ourselves technology neutral and never force a particular solution based on our 'relationship' with a vendor. Instead, we evaluate what is best for your business environment and implement a solution tailored to your needs. We spend many hours evaluating new products and identifying best-of-breed solutions which help growing businesses, rather than adding hours of confusion. We have partnered with many industry-leading companies, but here are a few that we work with frequently.